Saturday, 31 December 2011

Product Hype!

Sanctuary’s Fresh Faced Purifying Wash

I swear this product has holy powers.

I always find cleansing wipes okay, but often I feel like I’m almost sandpapering my face trying to remove my party eyes, so when I discovered this gentle, cucumber smelling miracle wash, removing my make up instantly became a pleasure rather than a chore!
It will remove the toughest eye make up in the gentlest way, smells lovely and feels silky before it becomes a bubbly foam.
And it’s so simple to use as well, if I’ve been partying the night away, and come back simply wanting my head to hit the pillow, I know that in one simple splash of water over my face, 20 seconds of gentle cleansing and another splash to wash away the grime of the night and in less than a minute, I’m squeaky clean and ready to slumber.

I’ve been using this facial wash for years now as my cleanser, even before they changed all the packaging to much more appealing hues of blue as its amazing formula was always a seller for me, and I think I would actually weep if they ever discontinued it.

Other aspects to make it even more amazing-
It so gentle, it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all (and I have particularly sensitive skin)
It’s made in the UK (locally sourced is always a winning aspect for us patriotic Brits)
The brand is against animal testing (being animal friendly constantly gets brownie points)

Sanctuary’s Fresh Faced Purifying Wash    £8.99

Can be purchased from:

Or your local Boots if you live in the UK.

Laura, x

Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year's Resolution

I know that every year, whatever New Year’s resolution I commit to seems to only last a week before I accidentally slip up (and therefore conclude that carrying on is completely pointless) or forget that I even made one. But this year, along with my new batch of resolutions, I am going to resolute to keep them up and actually benefit from my choices of improvement.
I always find that writing down a New Year’s resolution really helps in sticking to it, because, if its in permanent ink on a piece of paper, it’s not that easy to forget or ignore.
Also, I know some people are rather ambitious with their resolutions, creating about 6 or 7 to stick to in order to transform them into the perfect being, but realistically, too much too fast will only lead to meltdown mode and every resolution you made wont be fulfilled.

So, what are my New Year’s resolutions for 2012?

  1. Drink more water. In true Brit style, if it’s not a cup of tea, I’m usually not drinking anything, so this year I am going to make a conscious effort to try and drink the recommended amount (about 8 glasses) of water a day. If what they say is true, I should be looking forward to glowing skin very soon!
  2. Stop squeezing any blackheads. I am awful for doing this; it really is my worst habit. Even though I know that they aren’t particularly visible, if I’m about a centimetre away from the mirror and therefore can see a blackhead looming on my nose, I feel an absolute compulsion to squeeze it. But all this does is irritates the pore and I end up with a big spot, which equals a big, no no. Therefore, when I can see a blackhead taunting me in the future, I am going to try and walk away when the urge to squeeze occurs.
  3. Exercise at the gym every other day. Like most people this Christmas, I have over indulged on mountainous chocolate and have let my fitness and my body go a little bit. I have a membership at my local gym, so this New Year, I am actually going to use it! Victoria's Secret VSX range are doing this really fun idea where you pledge a commitment to be fit in 2012, and in doing so, you are entered into a competition which could allow you to win some VSX goodies. So with VSX motivating me, hopefully, during this year I will be hydrated, have good skin and be fit and healthy!
BRING ON 2012!

Hopefully these resolutions will inspire you to create some of your own, and even if you don’t fancy keeping something up that’s a dramatic change, just drinking more water will definitely make you feel better! 

You can watch the Victoria's Secret campaign here, it’s quite inspirational, would definitely not mind looking like those VS Angels!

Laura, x

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday Woman of Inspiration!

Miranda Kerr

Every Wednesday, I’m going to create a drawing/painting of a successful female that I believe to be a beauty icon or an influential individual on other women around the world.
For my first Wednesday lady, I have chosen to draw the wonderful Mrs Bloom a.k.a Miranda Kerr.
Apart from being a Victoria's Secret Angel (jealous!!!) and one of the world’s most successful supermodels, Miranda Kerr isn’t all looks and posing, but also a thriving businesswoman in her own right with her Organic beauty range KORA.
Created 3 years ago, KORA, her skincare range, is sourced only from plant based and organic origins and her products are pure and gentle and are a natural way to care for your appearance whilst being described as ‘food for the skin’.
Her brand also encourages self-esteem and Miranda is very much concerned about how women sometimes need inspiration and encouragement in all aspects of life, including appearance. In her recently published book Treat Yourself, she contributes personal anecdotes and important lessons that women sometimes require in order to gain confidence through self-improvement to create a sustained beauty both inside and out.

I have been a fan of Miranda Kerr for a while now, her flawless beauty and undeniable charm have inspired me to pay more attention to my own looks and like Miranda, embrace what I have with dignity and class.

To create her portrait I used HB & 2B pencil and a splash of water-soluble wax pastels to create her gorgeous plum lips (a look which I have tried to duplicate but have yet to master) and subtly highlight her gorgeous features.

Check out her website-

Laura, x

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Inspiration for 2012!

My beauty inspiration for the forthcoming 2012 contains of lots of zingy colours and bright hues. Think lime, blue, yellow, and aqua; turn your January blues into dazzling, vivid tones!
I’ve taken a special interest in the eye and eyebrows (my favourite aspect of the face when it comes to make up) because if you can make your eyes pop then your expression should surely follow suit. I love the idea of a structured, strong eyebrow that frames a colourful eye.
I received the Benefit’s POREfessional for Christmas, and oh my! It’s amazing! Not just for its instant coverage but also for its silky texture, making your skin a pleasure to touch. As with most Benefit cosmetics, I adore their packaging, making the artist within me very happy with their quirky and colourful bottles and tubes.
Added a few of my paint strokes in to show you how the colour of art can be the colour of beauty, yay!

Seen in mood board-
Eyebrow pencil- Yves Saint Laurent   £18
Solange Knowles-
POREfessional- Benefit   £23.50

Laura, x

Monday, 26 December 2011

Creation & Foundation

Creation & Foundation is a beauty based inspiration blog that explores the idea that beauty is simply an extension of art. As an artistic individual, I often use a paint brush and acrylic paint to express myself, but on a smaller scale, everyday with my foundation brush in my hand and an eye shadow palette full of colour and unlimited possibility, I find I'm just as excited to express myself through my appearance; simulating my face as a piece of artwork produced through my sheer passion for creation.
Through advice, discussion and inspirations, I hope this blog to become a platform for opening eyes to the world of opportunity surrounding beauty by integrating colour, style, products, fashion, and everything that sparkles to create an exterior that represents the inner potential.

I believe that you don’t need to be a supermodel to be gorgeous. Every face is a canvas, and through the expression of your internal beauty, girl, you can be FABULOUS!

Laura, x