Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Inspiration for 2012!

My beauty inspiration for the forthcoming 2012 contains of lots of zingy colours and bright hues. Think lime, blue, yellow, and aqua; turn your January blues into dazzling, vivid tones!
I’ve taken a special interest in the eye and eyebrows (my favourite aspect of the face when it comes to make up) because if you can make your eyes pop then your expression should surely follow suit. I love the idea of a structured, strong eyebrow that frames a colourful eye.
I received the Benefit’s POREfessional for Christmas, and oh my! It’s amazing! Not just for its instant coverage but also for its silky texture, making your skin a pleasure to touch. As with most Benefit cosmetics, I adore their packaging, making the artist within me very happy with their quirky and colourful bottles and tubes.
Added a few of my paint strokes in to show you how the colour of art can be the colour of beauty, yay!

Seen in mood board-
Eyebrow pencil- Yves Saint Laurent   £18
Solange Knowles- http://mydamnblog.com/
POREfessional- Benefit   £23.50

Laura, x

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