Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday Woman of Inspiration!

Miranda Kerr

Every Wednesday, I’m going to create a drawing/painting of a successful female that I believe to be a beauty icon or an influential individual on other women around the world.
For my first Wednesday lady, I have chosen to draw the wonderful Mrs Bloom a.k.a Miranda Kerr.
Apart from being a Victoria's Secret Angel (jealous!!!) and one of the world’s most successful supermodels, Miranda Kerr isn’t all looks and posing, but also a thriving businesswoman in her own right with her Organic beauty range KORA.
Created 3 years ago, KORA, her skincare range, is sourced only from plant based and organic origins and her products are pure and gentle and are a natural way to care for your appearance whilst being described as ‘food for the skin’.
Her brand also encourages self-esteem and Miranda is very much concerned about how women sometimes need inspiration and encouragement in all aspects of life, including appearance. In her recently published book Treat Yourself, she contributes personal anecdotes and important lessons that women sometimes require in order to gain confidence through self-improvement to create a sustained beauty both inside and out.

I have been a fan of Miranda Kerr for a while now, her flawless beauty and undeniable charm have inspired me to pay more attention to my own looks and like Miranda, embrace what I have with dignity and class.

To create her portrait I used HB & 2B pencil and a splash of water-soluble wax pastels to create her gorgeous plum lips (a look which I have tried to duplicate but have yet to master) and subtly highlight her gorgeous features.

Check out her website-

Laura, x

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