Saturday, 31 December 2011

Product Hype!

Sanctuary’s Fresh Faced Purifying Wash

I swear this product has holy powers.

I always find cleansing wipes okay, but often I feel like I’m almost sandpapering my face trying to remove my party eyes, so when I discovered this gentle, cucumber smelling miracle wash, removing my make up instantly became a pleasure rather than a chore!
It will remove the toughest eye make up in the gentlest way, smells lovely and feels silky before it becomes a bubbly foam.
And it’s so simple to use as well, if I’ve been partying the night away, and come back simply wanting my head to hit the pillow, I know that in one simple splash of water over my face, 20 seconds of gentle cleansing and another splash to wash away the grime of the night and in less than a minute, I’m squeaky clean and ready to slumber.

I’ve been using this facial wash for years now as my cleanser, even before they changed all the packaging to much more appealing hues of blue as its amazing formula was always a seller for me, and I think I would actually weep if they ever discontinued it.

Other aspects to make it even more amazing-
It so gentle, it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all (and I have particularly sensitive skin)
It’s made in the UK (locally sourced is always a winning aspect for us patriotic Brits)
The brand is against animal testing (being animal friendly constantly gets brownie points)

Sanctuary’s Fresh Faced Purifying Wash    £8.99

Can be purchased from:

Or your local Boots if you live in the UK.

Laura, x

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  1. Looks great...Happy New Year!

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