Monday, 9 January 2012

Barry M Nail Varnish

Now as you can see in my picture, I do quite like Barry M nail varnish...
Apart from the gorgeous, bright pop colour range they have, I love the bottle shape, the consistency of the varnish and just the brand as a whole.
I first started collecting Barry M nail varnishes last year, and it wasn’t an intentional thing really, I just found if I had a few spare coins in my purse or enough points on my Boots advantage card, I would perk myself up on my shopping trip and treat myself to a new colour nail varnish, and as a consequence, my stash grew and grew.
So now I have 16 colours, and I’m still going strong. I love going over to the Barry M section in pharmacies and seeing which colour I haven’t got yet and choose the next one to add. I have tried every single one that I’ve bought and I love them all, and I am never stuck for choice haha!
I even distinguish them between seasons, dark, jewel colours for winter, and bright vivid colours for summer. Then of course I have fun mixing it up a little bit.
They are most definitely more than worth their price, and even putting on a new colour nail varnish can brighten up your day and instantly lift your mood.

I have a lot of love for Barry M cosmetics!

Check out Barry M’s website-

Laura, x

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