Friday, 6 January 2012

Product Hype!

Viktor&Rolf- Flowerbomb
 Once, I heard Dita von Teese say in an interview that women should pick their favourite scent and stick with it for life. She said that a woman could then be defined by her fragrance and that if a special someone was to smell the certain scent, anywhere in the world, it would instantly remind them of her.

Well, whatever your thoughts are of this, she definitely sold it to me, so previously I have been a dedicated wearer of Vera Wang- Princess because I love sweet scents that aren’t too obviously floral. But since starting wearing it at 16, and after three years, two bottles, and maturing into an adult, I decided that Dita’s idea was all well and good, but when we constantly change our tastes and ourselves, it could be a tricky thing to sustain.
So, I wanted a change, and therefore went on the perfume hunt until I could no longer functionally smell properly.  After much deliberation, and wafting samples under all my family’s noses, I decided on Viktor&Rolf- Flowerbomb and am so so pleased with my decision.

The fragrance isn’t too light, and it isn’t too dark and musty either, it sings notes that are just right! It is like floral, but with attitude and is definitely fresh and fun. The packaging and bottle are perfect with the hint of pink, and I have received so many compliments from wearing it. Definitely a big product hype!
 So who knows, maybe someone, somewhere, has already had myself spring to mind as they have walked past Flowerbomb, I guess I’ll never know haha…

Tip: When purchasing perfumes, keep the bottle in its box! 
This allows the fragrance to keep the scent for longer and also protects the perfume from sunlight and air, which can alter the chemicals so by keeping it in the box, you can to see the gorgeous packaging on display, whilst knowing your perfume is going to keep its scent for much longer. 

Laura, x

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