Monday, 30 January 2012

Product Hype!

Di Palomo- Wild Fig & Grape Hand and Nail Cream

This hand cream is the epitome of luxury; its gorgeously scented cream, giving hints of fig and grape is one of my absolute favourites. Stuffed full on natural goodness, such as Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil and Fig Fruit Extract, it is rich in vitamins which when applied to your hands and nails, will leave them smooth and soft, and smelling divine.

I love using this hand cream wherever I go, and always have a bottle in my handbag. Whenever I am giving myself a mini manicure, I love nourishing my hands before I repaint my nails, so after I take off the previous colour and my nails feel particularly dry, I treat them so this wonderful smelling and my hands are instantly hydrated and soft, ready for a burst of nail colour.

The packaging for this product is lovely as well, encapsulating the chic Italian style that inspires the brand. The product is particularly perfumed but is such a nice, enriching scent that you may be caught throughout the day unintentionally smelling your hands due to their gorgeous aroma.

The brand make all their products in England but are inspired by all things Italian, the scents, the style, the quality; making them a locally sourced but exotically inspired beauty company.

Check out Di Palomo’s website for a full view of all their products-

Wild Fig and Grape Hand & Nail Cream- £7.00

Laura, x

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